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Certified Financial Planner

A certified financial planner is a must-have for anyone looking to secure their financial future. There are several reputable governing boards that monitor the certification and the continuing education of these planners. These independent boards help ensure that each certified financial planner meets certain basic requirements.

College Financial Aid

When we head off to a University, we hardly have time to ponder the money situation. Unless we've already had a bout with the real world,many of us do not consider the financial issue.

Financial Aid Agency

The decision to continue your education after high school is certainly a step in the right direction. You'll find throughout your adult life that many more doors will be open to you if you have a Bachelor's degree in hand than if you had only a high school diploma.

College Financial Aid Strategies

If you’re on your way to college, one of your biggest concerns is probably “how am I going to pay for all of this?” Debt is a huge problem for college students these days, especially those who are attending private institutions, where person debt can easily reach over $100,000.

Earnings Disclaimer

The Site owner or the author or publisher of this site do as much as possible to bring information to help visitors on the site. Not the author of this site nor the publisher assumes any liability due to errors, omissions, or any auditor chosen interpretation of the information. This post is not intended to be used as a source of legal or financial advice. The information here can not fit all countries because there are differences in laws and regulations of each country. So you should get advice from the local consulting profession who understands and knows the laws and local regulations.

Financial Aid College

Being a financial aid college student can be pretty tough. Everything is so hit or miss, and your future depends on finding the one right contacts that will give you a loan you need. Financial aid loans are never a sure thing. There are so many different kinds of college financial aid, you see, and some of them are much better than others.

Financial Aid For School

My fellow graduate student used to say that 50% of getting a college education is being able to jump through the hoops. One of those hoops—that often seems as if it a circus hoop on fire—is the hoop of financial aid for school.

Financial Fitness

Today's cost of living is ridiculous! It's time to examine your financial fitness

Personal Financial Management

One of the biggest problems people have with money is knowing what to do with it. Though you may think that not having enough to pay the bills is something that happens when you simply do not make enough money, you should know that this is usually only half of the story.

Financial Management Software Packages

Personal financial management can be hard for some people, especially when we get mixed messages about immediate gratification and what we should own. Most of us have to have things that are not really necessities, and depending on how much we make, that can be a huge problem.

Personal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning should be a requirement in high school curriculums

Financial Planning for Retirement

Now that I'm getting older, I've decided that I really need to start saving some money for retirement. I'm still in my mid-thirties, but I don't even have as much as a single IRA in my name, so I'm definitely behind in the game.

Financial Management For Students

There's a new concept on financial management for students. Parents are loving it, and so are students. It's helping families teach their children how to become financially literate. Not an easy task.

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